You’ve Made a Mistake – Now What?

Do you agonize over the mistakes you make. Do you hit yourself on the forehead like the old V8 juice commercials “I could have had a V8!” and bemoan what could have been if only?

Starting today, let’s take a new look at our mistakes; as the learning tool they are. Just like we often learn more about management styles from our worst boss, our mistakes are teachers just waiting to show us more!

 a Life coach, psychologist, and TEDx Speaker has written an article entitled the 9 Lessons We Can Learn from Our Mistakes:
  1. Mistakes teach us to clarify what we really want and how we want to live.
  2. Mistakes teach us to accept ourselves and that we can be flawed and be loved.
  3. Mistakes teach us to accept our fallibility and face our fear.
  4. Mistakes teach us about ourselves and how to tell our truth.
  5. Mistakes teach us, through analysis and feedback, about what works, and what doesn’t.
  6. Mistakes teach us to take responsibility.
  7. Mistakes teach us about integrity.
  8. Mistakes teach us to engage in our lives — to live fully.
  9. Mistakes allow us to inspire others.

In her article she expands on each of the lessons and I invite you to read her article: Don’t Fear Failure: 9 Powerful Lessons We Learn from Mistakes, however, before you click over to read it, absorb the fact that the mistake you just made is not the end of the world. It doesn’t mean you are dumb, a poor judge, or a bad person; so frequently these are part of the internal dialogue we hear when we’ve made a mistake.

Take comfort in the fact that everyone makes mistakes. Nothing was achieved or invented without there being countless mistakes proceeding the final product.

Don’t let the fear of failure or the fear of making a mistake stop you from moving forward towards your dream. Mistakes are great teachers; so what has your most recent mistake taught you? What can you learn today from a mistake made yesterday?