You Got to Know When to Fold’em

If you remember The Gambler, a song by Kenny Rogers,[1] I want to propose that we could adapt the words of that song in a different way; they don’t have to be about gambling. Rather we can apply them to how we live. We, too, can know what to throw away and what to keep.

     Everyone is dealt a separate hand in life. It’s important not to play all of our cards, to fold some of them, to draw some new ones. At points in our lives we may need to fold all our cards, turn them in, and draw new ones—by altering our direction. Maybe we need to reshuffle to create a winning hand.

In life, we get some good hands and some not-so-good hands. No one I know has had only winning hands.

But the kind of hand we choose to play is key.

Which kind of hand do you want to play?

The best poker players know that a winning hand requires critical choices. Sometimes we make the poor choice that we later regret, but that’s okay, too. I believe everything happens for a reason. On our way to a life of inspiration we can use the losses as well as the successes to move us forward.

Take your life into your own hands. Look at the cards you’re playing. Take an inventory and figure out what kind of hand you really want to bet on.

 So – what cards are you currently holding? How many would you like to throw in and replace with new ones? Is it hard to let go of the bad cards you know for the unknown of the new cards? Share your thoughts on Facebook.

[1] Kenny Rogers, title track to 1978 album, The Gambler, which won him a 1980 Grammy for best male country vocal performance.

This blog post is an excerpt from my new book the Working Woman’s GPS: When the Plan to Have it All has Led You Astray.