You Deserve to Soar!

I was reminded today of a quote from Helen Keller that provides a beautiful word picture we must all remember:

One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.

Helen Keller

We all deserve the right to soar; soar towards a goal, soar above the crowds, soar in our industry.

The dictionary defines soar as follows:

verb (used without object)
1. to fly upward, as a bird.
2. to fly at a great height, without visible movements of the pinions, as a bird.
3. to glide along at a height, as an airplane.
4. to rise or ascend to a height, as a mountain.
5. to rise or aspire to a higher or more exalted level: Her hopes soared.

Photo Courtesy of sarahboruta9

We are often given the opportunity to “rise to the occasion” to “soar to new heights” and yet we can be too bogged down in our day-to-day activities that we miss out on the chance.
Lift Up Your Head
We need to consciously lift up our heads from the routine of our lives to look for opportunities where we can shine.
Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D shares an example of how she changed the way she does business so that she could soar which in turn provides her customers with a richer, fuller experience:
Ten years ago, I made a choice to limit the clients (and families) that I work with as a holistic lifestyle coach from 36 to only 12 each year for my comprehensive year-long program. This has been a very positive change for me and my clients. These outstanding clients are all called my special Elite Eagles because, at the end of the year’s work with me, they all soar in their lives like the majestic bird and are living up to their highest potential. Limiting my year-long clients to 12, I can give each of them more of my time, attention, and most custom-tailored consultations. I get to know each person or family intimately so that I can best guide them in creating their healthiest, happiest, and most successful lives. 
Susan looked at the way she was conducting her business, examined what was important in her life and her business and made changes which allowed her to soar and her business to do the same.
In an article offering four tips to SOAR in business, one tips is to Rejuvenate:

Rejuvenation is important for you to soar like an eagle. I could say it should be top of your to do list. Taking time out allows you to refresh, access and mend. The eagle as a habit of taking time off. Yes, taking time off. It climbs to very high mountain peaks, sheds off its feathers, sharpens its beak and talons. This time out ranges from 30-90 days.

So in order for you to soar like an eagle in your business, you need to take time out to rest, to replenish and rejuvenate. If you are in business for yourself, breaking down from lack of rest will do your business more harm than good. Therefore, listen to your body, know your limits, learn to ask for help, accept help and learn to say NO.

The author, Yetunde Daramola, offers great advice for learning to examine your life and find ways to soar.
How would you soar? In what areas of your life are you most interested in rising to new heights rather than continue to creep along as you have in the past?