Working Women’s Issues The Same Around the Globe

Often we are so focused on our own lives, stresses and concerns that we fail to look up to see if there are others experiencing the same challenges. This morning I found an article entitled Working Mothers – Common Issues.  The article summarizes the concerns as follows:

Working mothers still perform most of the household chores, while childcare costs can eat up much of their wages. Even when both parents are working, the responsibility of care for sick children usually falls on the mother. Stress loads are high for working mothers.

Sound familiar? Would it surprise you to know the article comes from a Better Health website written in Austrailia?

Half way around the world from the United States, working mothers are having the same stress issues, the same challenges at work and in the home as we are here.

Although it may not lift the burdens we carry, there is something comforting in the fact that we are all connected around the globe. Business women, working mothers, purposeful women: trying to balance the spinning plates of our lives.

How can this knowledge help?

Take a deep breath and recognize that you are not alone. The woman sitting on the subway seat across the aisle is a kindred spirit. Take the time to make eye contact and smile. Tonight when you pick your children up at day care, take a moment to greet one of the other mothers. As you pass another worker’s cubicle, comment on the pictures of their children.

We are not alone.  As purposeful women, we are one community around the globe.

I find comfort in that. Do you?