#WomenWhoWork – Ivanka Trump Celebrates Purposeful Women

Ivanka Trump has launched a new initiative – #WomenWhoWork – that shines the light on working women; who they are, what they struggle with, how they advance. From the website we learn:

The modern working woman looks fundamentally different from women in previous generations. For the first time in history, we’re embracing the fact that our lives are multidimensional. We’re doing work we love, work that inspires us, and we’re also pursuing our passions and making them priorities. We sat with 12 amazing women to ask what work looks like to each of them.

To join the #WomenWhoWork conversation, record yourself giving us your “extended job title,” followed by your name and actual job title. Post the video to your social channels and tag a few of the women who inspire you to encourage them to follow suit. See the clips from our team for further inspiration. Together, let’s show the world what it looks like to be #WomenWhoWork.

This is an exciting initiative and I invite you to visit the website and sign up to receive more information – or just spend time reading about the stories of other #womenwhowork – you may be surprised to find a kindred spirit.

Ivanka has been hitting the press circuit to share information and spread the word and in an interview with Tech Talk she was asked a variety of questions, but this one answer struck me – see what you think:

What was your biggest mistake?

I try to live in the present. I learn from my mistakes in an effort not to repeat them, but I remain totally focused on today and tomorrow. Many of my mistakes turned out to be incredible opportunities for growth, both professionally and personally, and therefore, in hindsight, they were deeply valuable.

I take issue with the question…why not “what was your biggest success?” but I really like and respect her answer. We are all going to have something go wrong along our journey but it is how we use that experience for our future that helps define who we are. 

Check out #WomenWhoWork and watch the video of 12 inspiring women. Follow the hashtag on Twitter and share your insights and personal story.