Women with a Purpose

Earlier this month I was invited to attend a 12/12/12 celebration event hosted by Norma Rist. I had the pleasure of meeting a variety of women professionals and women business owners who had gathered to share their successes of the past year and talk about their plans for 2013.

Now as 2013 looms, I am thinking back to some of the accomplishments of that group of women. Within the group women had:

  • Published books
  • Brought new products to market
  • Expanded their business outside the country
  • Been named to the board of Junior Achievement
  • Served on a Federal Government panel for job creation
  • Celebrated 5, 10, 17 years in business
  • Experienced sales growth of double digit percentages
  • Been named top ten search engineer marketer in the world

The list of accomplishments goes on. It was mind-boggling until I took a moment to think about my own accomplishments in the past year. A promotion in my corporate position, a new e-book “Before You Say Yes” published, the launching of Journey Charms, created a Leadership Training Program for Women, led countless programs, keynote speeches and workshops that I have led on leadership for women.

Now it is your turn. You too are a Woman of Purpose. What have you accomplished in the last year? Did you take a class to learn a new skill, start a new venture, serve on a board or committee, complete a challenging project, help your child achieve a new level of growth in their life, moved, made new friends…the list is endless.

What have you learned, experienced or accomplished in your life over the past twelve months? What do you hope to accomplish in the coming year? If we were to fast forward to next December – what do you hope you will have done? What is the first step that you can take to making it happen? Plan to take that step today.