Women Who Make America

Recently PBS aired a three-hour special focusing on the stories of women over time, now and in the future who have made a difference in the United States (and around the globe). Makers: Women Who Make America.

Women artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, scientists, each with a unique story. If you missed the special, I invite you to check your local PBS listings for a repeat. However, in the meantime, visit the Makers website.

On the Makers.com website you will discover one inspirational story after another. The website chronicles the journey women have taken since the beginning of the 20th century to make a difference in their world. Each story is another example of the value and importance of the difference one person, one women, YOU, can make to our world.

Take for example Nora Ephron’s story; her life changing moment. Ephron is the writer of many articles, books, movie scripts, perhaps most notably When Harry Met Sally. She was a ground breaking writer, sharing stories of how women really feel in this male dominated world.

Or the story of Brenda Berkman, the first NYC female firefighter. She talks about the struggles and successes of breaking into her industry with strength and bravery.

The PBS special and the website offer inspirational stories and hopefully in one of them you will catch of glimpse of yourself and feel empowered to take a step forward and be a Maker!