Women We Should Know – Mayim Bialik

Women still trail men in the fields of science and technology. Why is that? Have we failed to make science appealing to young girls? Are there too few role models for girls to look to as an example?

Mayim Bialik, started as a young actress coming into family homes as Blossom, the bubbly girly-girl who in real life, just like all of the rest of us, has more dimensions that just that bubbly person. 

After the show ended and she went to college, she “fell in love with neutrons.” And just like many of us, it was a great teacher than opened her eyes to the possibilities of science as a course of study.

Today Mayim is both an actor (starring on the sitcom Big Bang Theory as a neuro-biologist) and holds a Ph.D.in neuro-biology. She is the perfect blend of both sides of the spectrum. She is a great role model for all of us to say that she doesn’t just have to be defined by one role.

Often in life we come to a cross roads where we feel compelled to chose one path over another. Mayim is an example of someone who has decided to explore more than one option and has made her life all the richer for it.

Who do you see as an example for young girls to emulate? The website Women You Should Know is seeking Purposeful Women who are great examples of inspiration. Perhaps that is you!

Visit their site and nominate someone you know who is interesting, passionate, compelling, inspiring and amazing! 

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