Who is In Your Circle?

The greatest asset a Purposeful Woman can have is a strong Circle of Influence.

What is a Circle of Influence?

There are many definitions however, I’m thinking of the definition from Steven Covey:

We have heard that old saying, “You are judged by the company you keep.” That saying is important in our business life and our personal life. Who you associate with will say as much about you, your ethics, your integrity, your honesty, your core values, your beliefs, your passion and your future intentions as your actual personal behavior does. And as a business owner or business leader, you are being observed every minute of every day. Colleagues, clients, vendors, suppliers, et al are all scrutinizing, watching, listening to those people you influence. Therefore, this is a serious matter for consideration when you decide who will be in your circle of influence.

Although we’d like to be able to do everything ourselves, to be effective and to allow ourselves the time necessary to create a purposeful life; we need to develop a Circle of Influence that reflects our values, our goals and helps us to achieve our best life. 

As business women, we understand the value of networking and building a community of the best-of-the-best, however, the same can be said for our personal life. Surrounding ourselves with different people can bring a new perspective, new connection or new energy to our lives.

You’ve heard of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. A well established Circle of Influence allows you to become connected with leaders in your industry, business women whom you admire, and educational resources that will assist you in your journey to move to the next level.

LinkedIn is a wonderful resource for building and nurturing your Circle of Influence. Lori Ruff, one of the most connected business women on Linkedin, shares insights on how to be one of the most connected women on Linkedin.

Do you have a Circle of Influence? Are you a member of someone else’s circle? Make a list of the business women and men that are your go-to people. Who do you call when you have a question or need to know the right person for a specific task? Who do you wish you were connected to?

Here are a few more resources you may find of interest as you work to strategically create a circle of influence.

Are YOU a Center of Influence?

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