What Would You Do with a Second Chance

Remember “do overs?” Oh, if only….

The other day while driving on the freeway, perhaps a tad bit over the speed limit, I noticed, a little too late, that a police car was parked in the median of the road checking for speeders. “Darn,” I thought to myself, taking my foot off the accelerator. 

I watched in dread as the police car pulled into oncoming traffic and began speeding in my direction. “Busted,” I thought. I moved over to the right hand lane and just as I was prepared to have points added to my license, the police car sped past and nabbed the car in front of me.


I had been given a second chance.  Have you been there? What do you do with that reprieve? I set my cruise control for a little slower than I had previously and said a silent prayer of relief. 

Second chances. Some come in the form of a missed speeding ticket while others are much more life threatening and life altering. But once the fresh relief has passed; do we make any changes?

How many second chances does it take to change eating habits, add exercise, begin saving for a rainy day, no longer texting and driving or whatever the case may be for you?

What if we were to make the necessary changes without waiting for near catastrophe? (Not that a speeding ticket is catastrophic, but you know what I mean.) I bet every one of you can think of one thing you need to change in your life, but for some reason you haven’t. For women it is often a personal change and we figure that the needs of others come first and at some point we will get around to making the changes necessary for our own happiness and/or well-being.

Well – consider me the police officer in your life.  The lights are blazing and I’m coming fast behind you – quick – what change are you going to make?