What Will You Call into Being This Year?

Scrap the idea of new year’s resolutions that focus on the negative that you must give up but rather focus on what you will add. What new focus will you endeavor? Which direction with you travel?

In a recent article entitled A Revolution in Resolutions, the idea is to fill your clean slate with positive energy and call into being the new to your life. Here the author explains the difference between focusing on the negative vs. the positive:

This year, why not toss your resolution and try a Sankalpa—it’s a powerful way to start any endeavor. A Sankalpa is a simple but specific intention; a spiritual resolve. It is like a blank canvas. Kalpa means, idea, imagination of the mind, creation. Each New Year or any new beginning is the time to choose your Sankalpa.

The difference between it and a New Years Resolution is the direction of the energy, behind the determination.

New Year’s Resolutions often require that we give something up—sweets or alcohol—the focus is more on what we have been doing wrong and implies that we are not enough.
But, a Sankalpa focuses on what we want to call into our life, the focus shifts from lack to receiving and abundance.

The article offers six easy steps to creating a Sankalpa. 

 As is your desire so is your intention. As is your intention so is your will. As is your will so is your deed. As is your deed so is your destiny.” ~ Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 

One of the steps is focusing on what you ARE rather than what you WANT. Focus on a positive result. Don’t give attention to what you don’t want or are lacking in. Word yourSankalpa with care, in the affirmative and present tense; I am rather than I want.

The idea is similar to the book The Secret in which you phrase your desires that you put out to the Universe as if they have already occurred. Rather than “this year I will no longer be fat, I will loose weight,” you think “this year I am healthy and fit.”

Catherine Beekmans delves into the topic on a more person level in her article, I”m a Sucker for Fresh Starts. I particular like this comment: 

I am worth something.  We are worth the effort. We are worth the time. We are worthy of love, honesty, kindness and respect. 

As the new year comes to a close and you set your sights on the new year, what will you call into being for yourself? Will you set your sights on learning something new? Meeting more people? Participating in a non-profit? Mentoring younger women at work?

Whatever you focus on for 2014, make sure that you are on that list – taking care of you! Because you are worth it!

As a reminder- here is a video of the first 20 minutes of the inspirational movie The Secret.