What Time is Dark?

True story:  last week a friend of mine was on vacation with her 15 year daugher and her best friend. The first night the teens went out for a walk after dinner. They ended up at a playground and were having fun so the daughter texted her mom:

“What time should we be back?”

“When it gets dark,” the mom replied.

About 30 minutes later the mom received a text:  “What time is dark?”

The girls, unclear with the vague timeline had actually “googled” the question to discover the right answer; making sure they weren’t late getting home. However, the information they discovered made the question/answer more complicated and so they were still unsure of what time they were expected home.

The mom’s answer? If you need a flashlight to see your way home – you are late.

Many of you readers will remember a simpler time when parents instructed their kids to be home at dark or when the street lights came on. We didn’t resort to technology to decipher their meaning, we just knew that dark meant dark.

It made me think, first, what a different age our children are growing up in and second, it made me wonder if perhaps we don’t over think things a bit too much.

All of the technology and information available can stop us from making simple decisions; it can almost be a way of procrastinating that seems acceptable.

“I am unhappy in my job and don’t feel valued, so perhaps I should do a little research about what others have felt, maybe ask some questions on Facebook or send some feelers out on Twitter.”

Bottom line – if you are unhappy, not just for the moment, but painfully unhappy in a way that makes it difficult to go to work or face a relationship, then it is time for a change. Some decisions in our life are fairly simple and rather than hem and haw and rethink and research; perhaps we should take action.

If you need a flashlight to see your way – it is dark. You don’t need to check Google and Bing and Yahoo to confirm what you can see and feel with your own senses.