What is Your Number One Thing?

Brian Johnson just posted a new video that has a simple and yet powerful message.

What is the #1 thing you could START doing that would have a positive affect on your life? Conversely, what is the number one thing you could STOP doing that would also have a positive impact?

One of the best practices of leading business women is the ability to access their position in life and look for ways to make adjustments. However, often what happens when we look to make changes is that we create a list of things we are going to do that is overwhelming or exceeds our abilities. But just making one change seems much more realistic.

What would you start doing? One of the things that I added a number of years ago is getting up earlier than the rest of the family each day. Even starting my day 30 minutes earlier gives me that opportunity to think through my schedule and plan accordingly, enjoy some deep breathing and savor the quiet to put my head in the right place for the rest of my day before jumping right into the routine.

So take out a piece of paper, like Brian in the video and put down the one thing you would start and the one thing you would stop. Just one thing. And give it a go and see how it makes your day better.

The #1 thing I will START doing:__________________________________________________

The #1 thing I will STOP doing: __________________________________________________

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