What is the Difference Between NO and KNOW?

If you are a grammar junkie, you’ll immediately tell me the two may sound the same but have extirely different meanings. I’d like to propose that you need one to say the other!

As purposeful women, career women, working mothers, successful females, we have one major flaw men don’t seem to possess.

We just can’t say no.

Call it guilt or shoulds or trying to please everyone;  we just seem to struggle with the word “no.” We mean to say no but some how we hem and haw and end up agreeing to do things we simply shouldn’t.

We need to KNOW just how much we can reasonable accomplish so that we can say NO without guilt when the need arises.

The next time you are approached with a request for time, commitment, money, participation – STOP – and assess where you are in your life. KNOW your current circumstances, obligations and abilities well enough to respond appropriately.

Here’s a great tip to remember the next time you struggle to say “no.” When you say yes to a project that you know you shouldn’t – you are denying some one else the opportunity to perform and have the spotlight. Never thought of it that way, did you?

Here are 20 ways to say No. Here is an article called How to Say No by Colette Carlson that offers some interesting insights into why we have to say yes when we should say no.