What Does Success Look Like for You?

Recently I was interviewed by Jamie for the Flyy, Female & Fabulous online magazine. She asked a variety of questions about my professional journey, thoughts as an entrepreneur and my advice for other Purposeful Women on their path to success. 

My belief is that before you take your first step you really do need to define what success looks like for you – not what others think it SHOULD look like. 

I have spent most of my career in the corporate world and it wasn’t until just recently that I left the “net” of a traditional job to work full time on my business. Let me first say that it was several years of working both on my company and at other company before I could make that leap, but then Jamie asked what I love about running my own business:

I really love to start things; I really like to have a vision and take the necessary steps to get it from a vision to actually a product and have people interested. When I’m talking to women, I say, “[Find that thing], you look forward to doing it; when you’re doing it, you love it; and when you walk away, you want to do it again.” Generally, that aligns with your natural skills that are going to be given to you in this lifetime. And if you can align more of your work with skills that come naturally, you will become more energized, and people will be generally attracted to the energy you give off.

Your version of success may not be owning your own business but it also may not be what you currently call “work.” 

A local business coach told a story about receiving a box from Amazon with her most recent purchases. There were two books:

Book Yourself Solid by  Michael Port and The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss. She hadn’t made the connection when placing the order but seeing the books side by side she thought – why would I ever want to book myself solid when I could be successful with a 4-hour work week? She never even opened the Michael Port book. Her idea of success had more free time than not when she envisioned it.

At the end of the interview, Jamie asked:

What tips do you have for women on their journeys to success?
I think success varies per woman. I think that each woman has to decide what success looks like for her. Success, in my mind, is what life would you build? That would bring joy? That would bring happiness? Foster energy and value to the people in your community. What does that look like for you, and how do you use and leverage your natural skills to position yourself to create that life of success?

So what does your version of success look like?