What Are You Thankful For?

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to stop and be thankful for all that we have been blessed with in life; the miraculous and the challenging, the joyful and the lessons. 🙂

I am reminded of the Mitford series of books written by Jan Karon that follows the life of one Father Timothy and his congregation. The make believe town of Mitford, NC is reminiscent of Mayberry from the 60s in which everyone knows everyone else and the hot crime involves someone stealing a coveted family recipe.  A simpler time.

In one of the books Father Timothy is faced with a series of challenges and he has to make a long car journey. He starts down the road and decides that, although things aren’t going his way lately, he still has plenty to be thankful for. So he decides to spend the two hour car ride mentioning out-loud the things he is grateful for in his life.

I often think about this scene when I can’t sleep or when I’m blue or when I’m having a Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day.  I invite you to join me this Thanksgiving in saying all that you are thankful for.

You’ll find that after a few minutes you’ve said the normal list: family, friends, home, job, health….so how do you fill two hours with thankfulness?

How about Dove Dark Chocolate, 3-D movies, holding hands, clean sheets, the touch of your child’s hand, finishing a really challenging work assignment, finding a front parking space….

What are you thankful for?

I’m thankful for you – dear reader!  Share some of the things you are most thankful for here in the comments or over on our Facebook fan page (Purposeful Woman).

I’ll get you started:  “I am thankful for my friends, family, health, home, career and  . . . . .