We Are Not There Yet

March 8th is International Woman’s Day. No Ceiling.org is the number one website offering statistics, information and action steps to help spread the world.

Chelsea Clinton was interviewed on television on Live with Kelly and Michael and explained that the first step is to be informed. Here is a celebrity endorsed video that explains the movement best:

No Ceilings is a Clinton Foundation initiative that was launched about a year ago. Chelsea Clinton is speaking out about a recently published report that spans 20-years of data. One point that became clear in the research was that women who had access to technology and the Internet have more opportunities for success than those that don’t. In an article entitled Internet Access is the Key to Gender Equality we learn:

Chelsea Clinton explained in an interview with WIRED, because, “In places where women have more equal access to mobile technology, they’re more able to secure loans, for example. Where that’s not true, women often face more significant barriers.”

In fact, the research shows that among women in the developing world who do use the internet, 30 percent report earning additional income, 45 percent report searching for jobs, and 80 percent report improving their education. “Ensuring access to technology and particularly mobile technology so those women can engage with platforms privately is a big focus of the work ahead,” Clinton said.

At this time the primary message to take from this initiative is to:

  • Explore the data
  • Spread the word
  • Take action

To read the information that was gathered in the report, visit No Ceilings.org.  We may not be there yet, but with your help – we will be.