Warning: This Post Contains Whine

Did you ever have one of those days? It may be the fact that there has been so much snow in our neck of the woods this year that the kids seem to be home more than at school; but I am in a mood.

While looking for some interesting online discussions relating to women in business I looked on Alltop.com. It is a great place that houses the top blogs, magazines and news for a variety of subjects in one place. I often visit there on the Women page for the latest conversations.

Today all I could seem to find on the entire woman’s page were discussions about:

  • How to please your man
  • Crafts for children
  • Recipes
  • Fashion
  • Kim K and her entourage
  • Exercises
  • Mommy articles
  • Valentine’s Day reboot

Where are the real discussions? Talks about Leadership, mentoring, advancement, career strategies? Where are they? On the pages talking about men in business.


This isn’t a men-bashing discussion…I guess I just hoped to find more women talking about meatier things than how to cook a roast.

After much search I did find an article by Paula Gregorowicz entitled Why the Work Life Balance conversation is all wrong. Paula talks about attending a meeting on work/life balance and finding the women so busy trying to have it all they are enjoying none of it. She asks some great questions:

  • Why do women have to get to the point of breaking before they cry out for help or are willing to set a boundary?
  • How can you possibly call it work-life balance to go to work early, come home early to catch your child’s event and then spend all night into the wee hours working once again?
  • Why do you have to be available at all hours just because you need a flexible work schedule? What are you trying to compensate for?
  • When did saying No become heresy and a career death sentence?

She makes some interesting points. For example:

You can have it all, just not all at the same time. Think Las Vegas buffet. You really can have any of this food you want, but not all at the same meal or you will implode. If you come back tomorrow, however you can eat at the Asian buffet section that you skipped today.

Bottom line, I’d like to further explore some of her questions. So in the coming articles we will address one at a time the questions that she offers up. I invite you to chime in here in the comments or on our Facebook page.

Secondly, if you are a fan of a women’s blog that offers meaty discussions for women in business please share the URL/website name. We are always interested in new points of view and meeting new Purposeful Women.