Up and Coming Purposeful Women to Watch

I enjoy hearing the stories of other women in the news, entrepreneurs who are making a difference in their circle. Dr. Shannon Reece is a business coach and entrepreneur who worked in the corporate world only to leave the struggle of “working for the man” to follow her own dream. You can learn more about her Dr. Shannon Reece.

Dr. Reece recently highlighted 28 women to watch in her blog and shared links to the interviews so that you can learn more about their stories.  I encourage you to check out the article and listen to a few stories of these Purposeful Women.

Here are just a couple that inspired me:

Alison Kero – An incredibly courageous woman, who turned her life right-side up, and President of Alicat Pet Service. She shares her story of giving it up to go after her dream business, and never looking back. Hear about her biggest “aha” moment that changed everything, her journey, and her dreams for the future. Watch the Interview

Tawana Necole – Founder of Corporate Chics, LLC.
Tawana shares her biggest start-up challenges after being “released” from her full-time job, the motivation behind creating Sistergirl Tuesdays, why her best decision was to simply give up control, and what the 3 E’s are that make up her business philosophy.
Watch the Interview 

What I especially like about the article and list of women is the fact that Dr. Reece took the time to identify people within her network that were interesting, inspirational and on the rise.

If you were to put a list together of 5 or 10 women within your network that inspire you, who would they be and what is it about their life’s journey that resonates with you the most? Do they know that you admire them?

Take a moment to reach out to those women with a quick thank you message.