Turning a Job Search into Job Offers

If you are in the market for a new job or thinking about looking for a new challenge, one of the main stumbling blocks women struggle to overcome is their own attitude. 

If you are already out of work and looking, each day without an offer or with a rejection can beat down your confidence, making you feel less than qualified. In reality that is rarely the case.

Women tend to under value the benefits they bring to the workplace; both in skills and commitment.

I once heard a woman business coach explain the difference between men and women this way:

“A man will learn a thimbleful of information more than the next person and have confidence enough to start a business on that little bit of knowledge. However, a woman will fill she needs years of experience and schooling and will still question her ability to be successful.”

That may be a bit extreme, but you can see the main difference is in the individual’s confidence that they can/will succeed.

The same is true in the job search arena. People can feel your confidence in how you walk, present yourself and how you handle an interview. Conversely, they can also sense your lack of confidence.

In an article from Career Girl Network, author Sally Calloway offers 3 Tips to Turn Your Job Search into Job Offers.

Each of the tips requires that you examine or look in the mirror or consider or evaluate your current position, what you offer and what you are looking for. Rather than just seeking the next opening, regardless of the fit into your master plan, Sally wants us to: 

  • Examine the variables that may be holding you back based on your results.
  • Examine your focus and confidence level based on your reasons for looking for a new job.
  • Examine your action plan for seeking a new opportunity.

The best part of the article is what she advised we TELL ourselves:

I have a great attitude and a lot to offer, and I have the confidence, and power to create a fulfilling career and life of abundance and joy.

Whether you are currently seeking a new job opportunity or not, the above phrase is a great one. Look in the mirror and repeat that simple, yet important sentence.

The right attitude can make all the difference in the world in turning a job search into your next great opportunity!