Trust: An Advantage Women Business Owners Have

So often women business owners believe that they are not as well respected as their male counterparts and perhaps in some cases that is true. But in a recent article from Lisa Wehr of One Up Web entitled Respect, Cynicism, Sacrifice, she talks a little bit about the edge women have over men.

The eight truths she uncovers about being a female business owner touch on sacrifice, stress and sarcasm (becoming cynical) but the one benefit she believes women possess is our ability to be trusted:

 You’ll likely be more trusted by prospects and clients.

Just as men sometimes have an advantage in the business world, women do as well. And it has little to do with appearance. In a business climate, a woman’s word is gold and it’s been my experience that there’s little doubt that we’ll keep it. As a gender, we’re known for caring, seeing a job through to the end and paying attention to the details.

How important is trust?

Andy Atkins speaks about trust in his article How Leaders Build Trust. He says:


But just saying “trust me” isn’t enough to develop trust within your team, your employees, vendors or customers.

Michelle Nichols offers 5 Ways to Build Customer Trust. People buy from people, not companies, so it is important that customers build trust in YOU. Here is more of what Michelle has to say about that:

Build trust in you. Earning a customer’s trust in you as a person starts with the basics. Are you on time? If you say you’ll be there at 9 in the morning and you show up at 9:10, how do you expect your customer to believe you when you say your copier makes 25 copies per minute or your products are within 0.001 mm of the specifications?

You may not think being on time and the quality of your offerings are related, but when a customer is just getting to know you, they don’t have a lot of history to evaluate, so every bit counts.

It may be a challenge to be a female business owner in a still predominately male environment, but it is possible. Lisa Wehr’s 8 truths speaks for itself. Although we may need to sacrifice we can still be as successful, if not more, than men. Gender shouldn’t be the leading factor in a business success story; rather trust, relationships, integrity and quality are the watch words of any successful business regardless of who owns it!

Take a moment to read the entire article by Lisa Wehr, Respect, Cynicism, Sacrifice and visit her website (One Up Web) – it is really pretty cool!