Treasure in the Junk Drawer

How many of you have a junk drawer? You know the one I am talking about, you open it and shove in whatever is nearby in an effort to tidy up quickly and then stuff begets stuff and soon you have trouble closing it.

I decided to tackle that drawer today and discovered a treasure. I almost threw it out without looking as it is just a torn piece of paper from a magazine but at the last minute I was curious to learn what I had found interesting enough to save in the first place.

It is a side bar column from Woman’s World magazine from February 1, 2010. The title?

7 Days of Inspiration: Take one a day and feel great all week!

7 days of inspirationI couldn’t find a link to the original article so I will recap here but know that it is originally from Woman’s World Magazine.

Day 1: Each and every snowflake is uniquely perfect. So are you!

Day 2: Wherever you start from, you can get to your dreams!

Day 3: You’re good at so many things!

Day 4: There’s something you should know about yourself: you are amazing!

Day 5: See yourself as a success, and you’ll become one!

Day 6: Make a wish. They still come true!

Day 7: Have faith. Spring is on its way!

Not a bad little treasure to find at the bottom of a junk drawer.

Today is day one – remember that you are unique and add value to those you encounter each and every day. 

There was once a story told about a person who had experienced a near death encounter and when asked about it later, she said that she did see her entire life pass before her eyes but rather than experience it as she had originally, she experienced it through the emotion of the person the memory included. 

When she lent a helping hand, she felt the other person’s gratitude and when she used harsh words, she left the hurt inflicted. But as she looked over all of her memories, the one that had the most significance was when she’d helped a small boy of three who was outside a department store and had been separated from his mother.

He was shaking and crying and the woman held knelt down and took his hand and said “I will not leave you until we find your mother.” The relief and joy that young child felt at her small yet significant act of kindness was the biggest emotional memory as she looked over her life.

One touch. One smile. One kind word can make all of the difference. Especially when it comes from someone as uniquely perfect as YOU!

Have a great day.