Time 2 Profit with Sonaya Williams – a Purposeful Woman

I had the pleasure of interviewing business owner, Sonaya Williams, an entrepreneur that helps businesses build their team for business growth. The interview not only speaks to time management systems that she helps develop through the creation of the right team but also her journey to go from employee to owner of Time 2 Profit.


Sonaya Williams is a business consultant, speaker and the “go-to” systems girl when you are ready to up level your business, double your profits, and have more time to do what you love most make money!

Sonaya helps business entrepreneurs like you, create success on your own terms by building a business that supports the lifestyle you love. Get ready to put your business on automatic so you have more time off and more money in the bank.

Sonaya’s philosophy is simple –  It’s not success…. unless it’s success on your own terms!

In the interview Sonaya answered the following:

1.    Can every business benefit from systems?

2.    What are the most important systems for a new entrepreneur?

3.    How do entrepreneurs know when they are ready to hire their 1st team member?

4.    What are the 1st steps in hiring a team?

5.    How does an entrepreneur decide what the team will work on?

You’ll want to listen with pencil and paper close at hand as she offers many great resources. Speaking of resources – the interview was conducted on Google+ Hangout. Great system and easy to conduct an interview.

Here are a few of the top line points that Sonaya shares:

Focusing Your Effort in the Right Place

  • Take note of where you spend your time
  • Assess if your business could benefit if you focused on fewer task and hire for other to help
  • Outline a job description for what you need
  • Leverage your network to finding candidates
  • Conduct staff meetings to build trust
  • Utilize the software and programs available to assist with using your time profitability

 If you need additional help, call on Sonaya Williams – Time 2 Profit  Inc – www.time2profitinc.com