Three Little Words

Happy New Year! Do you have resolutions for 2012? How are you doing with them? The idea behind determining a resolution is a good one, in theory. But then “real life” kicks in and we can get distracted from our purpose.

Chris Brogan, a well known marketer, started something new for each year back in 2006 – he has three words that help to focus his efforts. I like the idea of focus and three words are easy to remember. The concept behind the three words is that at any given time during your day you can reflect on your actions and priorities and tasks and ask yourself, “Is what I’m doing right now helping me move forward with one of my three words?”

For a complete background of the idea from Chris, visit his article that spells out his words for 2012: Temple, Untangle and Practice.

What would your three words be? I’m still working on mine, but I think that one of them is CONNECT.

I am looking to connect with other purposeful women online and in person. On our Facebook page we invite women to share their stories and challenges and comments and soon we will be asking if you’d be willing to participate in a short interview to share more about your journey to having the kind of life you aspire to.

If you are interested in participating – please comment below or leave us a comment on the Facebook page. We hope to spotlight at least one purposeful woman each month.

Share with us your focus for 2012. Are you looking to advance your career, learn something new, mentor another young woman in your circle of influence or have a greater impact in your community. We want to hear your story!