The Sequesters’ Impact on Women

On Friday, March 1 “sequesters” went into effect implementing government “cuts that total $85 billion of funding for government programs will have a disproportionately harsh impact on women, not only in the United States but around the world.”

In an article that I found on the Feminist’s Daily News website what these cuts mean to women around the globe are outlined.

A quote from a press release on Thursday shares Nancy Pelosi’s view:

Nancy Pelosi lead women Representatives in condemning the effects the sequester will have on women. Pelosi addressed the media, “Cuts to women’s health from pre-natal care to cancer screenings; cuts to services to victims of domestic violence; …cuts to initiatives to support children and families like WIC and Head Start. …For the sake of America’s women …Democrats and Republicans must work together to protect the middle class.” Representative Rosa DeLauro echoed Pelosi’s sentiments in saying “Allowing these cuts to pass is reckless, it’s irresponsible and it is especially harmful to women, to their jobs and to the services that they rely on.”

Here are my recommendations: do your own research. Don’t let Facebook comments be your only source of news updates on a topic that is so important to our nation.

Read articles from both sides of the aisle – look for updated information from bi-partisan sources so that you have a more balanced view as things progress.

The best advice for women today is to stay informed and get involved when possible. A letter to your political representative is a good place to start.

Here are a few articles to review:

Nancy Cook’s article Sequester’s Economic Impact with be a Slow Build from the National Journal

The Hill offers a full review of Nancy Pelosi’s comments on the issue.