Take Charge of Your Career

Have you wondered how some business women climb to the top while others flounder in the middle?

Campbell’s CEO, Denise Morrison was recently interviewed and shared her tips and strategies, the first of which is to “take charge of your career.”

Raised by a father who brought business to the dinner table, she and her three sisters learned about marketing, operations and business strategies over their meat and potatoes.

In 2007, Denise publicly announced her goal of becoming a CEO. An announcement few would have the courage to speak out loud, let alone announce to the world. Her response?

“I don’t think women should be afraid of declaring themselves. What’s the worst that can happen?”

So what are some of her strategies for success? She views networking as an important component:

Morrison often reminds young women that “networking is working.” “I don’t know if women really appreciate how important that is,” she adds.  “But if you step back and you say, ‘Yes, we’re strategic about brands, and we’re strategic about companies, now is the time for women to be strategic about themselves.’  And I believe that they’ll have much better outcomes in terms of advancement.”

Just like a company brands their products, women need to understand the importance of branding themselves. That is one of the main reasons I created a new video series to help women with the process of creating and promoting their own personal brand. Check out the new video series: Branding. It is free and in each lesson you will learn tips and techniques for building on your brand.

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