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Dr. Irene Bell, from Stranmillis University College in Northern Ireland

Dr. Bell and the relationship with Mary Mount University and now Stransmillis has been wonderful to expand the IASL reach internationally. We are preparing young educators to be leaders of STEM education from the start of their academic careers. This should create a cadre of highly qualified students and future Mary Mount University. I had […]

Forbes Feature Article: Women in Tech Triumph

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Leo King, a reporter for Forbes specializing in cutting-edge technology.  We talked about the world of technology and the woman’s role in its advancement. We discussed where women are currently in the leadership of technology and how companies might diversify their staff to include more women. This […]

Women in Space – The Initiative

Guest Post courtesy of Jeanna Heeraman, Digital Executive, Builtvisible For a long time now the global industry has suffered from a noticeable imbalance between men and women in STEM related fields, in particular engineering and aerospace. The discrepancies in numbers do not just start at working age; with many fewer women in general studying STEM related subjects at […]

Leading an IP Management & Technology Transfer Firm, Laura Schoppe

Purposeful Woman, Laura Schoppe, recently chatted with me about her journey to become a leading woman in STEM. As part of the upcoming Advancing Women in STEM movement (more on that later), I have been seeking out leading women who can share insights, challenges and successes for others who want to advance in careers of […]

Woman in STEM develops STEM opportunities for K-12

Kimberly Clavin has a masters in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in acoustics. After working in the industry for six years as a design and test engineer Kimberly decided to change her pathway and focus on education of engineering topics. Kimberly is now the Manager of STEM Initiatives in Dublin City Schools, Ohio. As Manager […]

Giving Math New Life For Young Women

One of the key elements of careers in STEM is the last letter…M is for Math. From the beginning, math has been a staple in our education – remember the three Rs? Reading, “riting” and “Rithmatics?” Danica McKellar, from the hit sitcom The Wonder Years and more recently from Dancing with the Stars, finished her acting […]

100 Women Leaders in STEM

Stem Connector has compiled a wonderful list of 100 women leaders in STEM and the report is absolutely fascinating to read. Not only are each of the women highlighted but the beginning of the report talks about the value of girls and women in the STEM industries (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Here is just a sampling: Commitment […]