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power of words

The Power of Words – Using Words – Reacting to Words

What is the power of words? How important are they to how we are perceived? It starts with the words we use – both in writing, in public and most importantly, when we think no one is listening. “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.” ― John Wooden […]

coaching methods

5 Coaching Methods to Promote Women

As we seek to increase the number of women in leadership positions, businesses need to examine their coaching methods. What training, coaching and mentoring programs are available to help women advance within your company? Joelle Jay shares the importance of executive coaching in her article How to Preserve and Promote Women: More than enough evidence […]

Would You Rather Be Respected or Feared? Great Interview Questions

Would you rather be respected or feared? This is just one of the questions from the article: We got 10 CEOs to tell us their one killer interview question for new hires Although gender bias isn’t part of the article, I wonder if men would answer the questions differently from women. Another important component of […]

Dr. Irene Bell, from Stranmillis University College in Northern Ireland

Dr. Bell and the relationship with Mary Mount University and now Stransmillis has been wonderful to expand the IASL reach internationally. We are preparing young educators to be leaders of STEM education from the start of their academic careers. This should create a cadre of highly qualified students and future Mary Mount University. I had […]

Open Discussions Provide Insights Into Advancing Women Leadership

Recently on a train ride to nowhere, a lively and open discussion took place between an equal number of influential men and women leading businesses in NE Ohio. The third such train ride, this one focused on the stumbling blocks to recruiting, retaining and advancing women in leadership roles in business. An article in the […]

Are You Politically Savvy Enough to Lead in Business?

Becoming a leader in business isn’t just about WHAT you know or even WHO you know but it also has to do with HOW you are known. In other words, Just how politically savvy are you in the office? As we rise through the ranks of an organization, our ability to read body language, understand […]

Gender Differences in Business – We’ve Come Full Circle

Should men and women be treated differently in business? Until recently, the progressive answer was “no – measure by quality and skills, not gender.” Yet, in a recent Harvard Business Review article there is now an argument that suggests we need to go back to the 70s and have women and men treated different. Confused […]

The Future is Bright for Women in Technology

The National Center for Women and Technology has released a number of reports, stats and slide show presentations that spell out the future for women in technology in black and white. It is the number one place to be. Whether you are entering college and seeking a major, newly graduated or in your mid-career and […]

Why Women Should Not Want to Be More Like a Man

How many times have you heard that if women in business were to behave more like men, they would be more successful? Back in the heyday of business growth, when women were starting to seek leadership roles, they found themselves forced to work along side the “good ol boys.” Smoking, drinking, swearing and inappropriate humor […]