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Bringing STEM to the Elementary Classroom

I was thrilled to see new after-school STEM programs in Brecksville/Broadview Heights Schools that work to engage more 4th and 5th grade girls! Thanks Classroom Antics for your help and expertise. This is something I wish all schools would embrace so that we can introduce our girls to the exciting opportunities available to them in STEM careers. […]

Leading an IP Management & Technology Transfer Firm, Laura Schoppe

Purposeful Woman, Laura Schoppe, recently chatted with me about her journey to become a leading woman in STEM. As part of the upcoming Advancing Women in STEM movement (more on that later), I have been seeking out leading women who can share insights, challenges and successes for others who want to advance in careers of […]

Being Heard in a Male Dominated Industry – Technology

What is the secret to making yourself heard in male-dominated occupations? I learned early on that I needed to know technology inside and out. Not as good as my male counterparts but often better to be taken seriously at the conference table. In fact, I graduated with a communication systems management degree which was essentially a computer science […]