Benefits of Surround Yourself with Positive People

eat that frogWe’ve talked before about taking an inventory of the people around you and measuring their level of positive attitude in your life. It is important for our own attitude that we surround ourselves with positive people as much as possible. But in turn, we must also be viewed as positive people.

In the book Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy he talks about the behaviors – the LEARNED behaviors that positive people consistently demonstrate and they are:

  1. They always look for the positive in any situation.
  2. They look for the lesson in the tough times.
  3. They look for the solution to every problem.

What struck me most by his comments were that these are behaviors people learn, it isn’t inherent, which means we are all capable of becoming positive people. Have you been in a meeting where someone is always complaining? Rarely do those that complain offer up a solution. Imagine attending a meeting where every one that disagreed with the plan offered up an alternative. Think of the creativity, the discussion, the opportunity!

Learning some of these behaviors may feel like a big change and I am reminded of a book I brought to you once before, The Complete Guide to Mindful Habits by Belle Pirri. Change requires thinking about it and making purposeful choices. Not only with our own behavior but also the people we choose to associate with.

To help you, I have created a Purposeful Woman’s Personal Journey Guide as part of the book that helps you assess the people and tasks in your life and determine how they make you feel – are they a positive experience? a positive attitude? a positive energy?