I love your video series for Career Women, it is fantastic to see someone encouraging business women to succeed. ~ Shirley

JJ DiGeronimo’s YouTube channel showcases career advice from her award-winning books and other professional women to advance all business women. These videos highlight milestones, advice, research and best practices. Subscribe today to receive videos as they are posted!

We hope you will share these videos with women in the workplace, women striving for leadership and young women in high schools and colleges to encourage them to pursue degrees and careers in STEM. This is a great time to celebrate working women while leveraging their stories as a tool to encourage women worldwide!

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Interviews of Women in Business:

  • Lindsey Cook, Do Biases in STEM College Programs Exist, Denying Faculty & Related Research
  • Sarah Wetzel, Recruiting Females in Tech and Retaining Females in Tech
  • Eden Full, A Woman Engineer, Making a Solar Impact on the World
  • Tawnia Beckwith, A CyberSecurity Women & Social Media Evangelist
  • Jenine Beekhuyzen, Tech Girls are SUPERHEROES Author & Founder
  • Kimberly Clavin, Masters in Mechanical Engineering and now the Manager of STEM Initiatives in Dublin City Schools, Ohio
  • Connie Matthews, 14 years IT/Security Industry and founder of Women in IT/Security
  • Ichi Lin, Client Technical Specialist with Bachelors and Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering
  • Kathryn Rotondo is a freelance interactive developer and founder of The Motherboard Podcast
  • Laura Pettit Rusick, President of OPT Solutions to bring CIO skills to companies on a fractional basis.
  • Megan Holstein, App Entrepreneur at age 15 & now the CEO of Pufferfish Software
  • Emily Liptow, STEM College Student & Future Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Sramana Mitra, Master in EE/CS and Founder of Virtual Incubator for Technology Companies
  • JJ DiGeronimo, 5 Lessons Learned to Increase Leadership & Technology Project Successes
  • Natalie Panek, Aerospace Engineer & Robotic Operator
  • Shirley Troilo, Project Manager and Senior Application Developer
  • Cassie Milicia, Senior Interactive Developer
  • Karen Sands, Consultant Services Solution Principal
  • Rachel Wilkins Patel, Developer & Founder of HER Ideas in Motion
  • Tawnia Beckwith, Cyber Security Executive & Social Media Evangelist
  • Vicki Fetcher, Systems Verification Engineer
  • Sonaya Williams, Systems Expert and Business Consultant



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