Staying On Top of the Number One Social Network for Business

Are you on LinkedIn?  Most people say yes, but are you using LinkedIn?

Those are two totally different questions and more than likely your answer to the second one is a mumbling “ah, well, no, not really.”

Now is the perfect time to rectify that. LinkedIn has been changing their focus over the last couple of months; gearing up the largest business network to be even more involved and connected than ever before.

We used to think of LinkedIn as an online resume and if you weren’t actively looking for work, you didn’t really use the tool, but that has changed.

Don’t get me wrong – it is still a powerful tool for networking and seeking new opportunities, but it is also a “must use” resource for establishing your brand and building a community that can help grow your business and connect you with people who can assist with your professional growth.

Where do you rank?

Recently, LinkedIn added a new feature that allows you to see where you rank within your own personal network. In other words – how high up on the search results are you within the group of people you know.

Visit your LinkedIn page. Scroll down the page and look for the link Who Viewed Your Profile.

who viewed your profile


You can see how often someone has visited your personal profile. Click on that link to learn more:

Who s viewed your profile   LinkedIn1



The new feature is an added tab on the right side entitled How You Rank. Click on that:

How you rank   LinkedIn1


That is your starting point. You now know how you rank. Scroll the list to see who is at the top of your network. Any surprises? What are they doing differently than you are?

How can you improve your ranking:

  • Update your summary – this is a description of your business prowess – why should someone want to work with you and what results can they expect. You can also add files, images, video and more to enhance your summary.
  • Join groups and participate in conversations – start conversations.
  • Complete the Skills and Expertise section of your profile – search for words that emphasis your focus.

Deborah Chaddock Brown, a Purposeful Woman team member has created a Daily To Do checklist for using LinkedIn. Click on the image below to download your FREE copy. It is a simple to use guide to give you direction for using this powerful business tool. .

LinkedIn to do