Starting the New Year with a Clean Slate

Remember “do overs?” As a kid if you made a mistake, kicked the ball wrong, colored outside the lines, you would declare a “do over” and start again. Entering a new year can feel the same way – new year’s resolutions are the ultimate in do over thinking.

But before we think about our clean slate in terms of new projects or getting rid of old projects – we need to make sure that our environment is conducive to that clean slate thinking.

I ran across an old blog post today that offers three easy steps to creating a clean slate environment:

Step one: Take all the clutter you’re facing, useful or not, and put it away. All of it. Put the pile of clothes in a box; put the old emails in a hidden folder. Now you have a “clean slate” to work with, but you don’t have to throw anything away. Yet.

Step two: Go about your business as usual. As you discover a genuine need for something (genuine being the operative word), take it out of storage with a clear conscience. No more agonizing over what to keep. Life will show exactly which things you actually need, and which things you only thought you needed.

Step three: When you’re ready, sell, donate, or throw away the stuff in storage. It’s easier now, since you’ve had weeks or months to overcome your attachment to it.

Do you think you can do it? I’m willing to do it just for the benefit of cleaning off my workspace to see if I have a wooden or metal desk!

As I was going through my closet last night to select an outfit for today I realized that I have clothes that I haven’t worn in a while and my last thought of the night was of the women that might benefit from those clothes. The Dress for Success program is a great resource for women in need of professional clothes and a great place for you to donate those gently used items that you are no longer wearing.

Between cleaning out our closets and cleaning off our work spaces we should be ready to start this new year with a clean slate!

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