Starting the New Year with a Bang

It is the new year. A clean slate, a fresh start and as we used to say as kids “a do over.”

How will you embrace this year? Doing the same thing and hoping for different results? Setting a long list of resolutions that will hang over your head come February as unfulfilled goals?

Let’s try something different this year. Rather than going out with a bang – let’s start the new year that way.

Grab your noise makers and be heard. Sing at the top of your lungs, dance as though you have rhythm and let the world know you are here – you are strong and you have value!

Last night as the ball dropped and the clock struck a new year – we all had horns and noise makers and shouted at the top of our lungs – Happy New Year! The energy was high, the smiles contagious and the laughter was infectious.

Let’s keep that excitement going into the new year. qyote

Here are a few tips to help:

  • Resist the urge to look back. Looking back should be limited to the occasional glance at lessons learned and joy over memories shared. -keep your eyes and mind forward.
  • Picture your success as a proven fact. Smile knowing that the person you wish to become is already possible inside you. 
  • Embrace the people that accept you for who you are and limit the time spent with those that are draining. 
  • Focus on the activities you enjoy and make you feel successful and delegate those tasks that zap your energy and spirit.
  • Love the woman you are today, flawed, human, emotional, and wonderfully beautiful from the very core of your being.

Happy New Year to all the Purposeful Woman in the world. My hat is off to you and all you do!  May this new year bring health, happiness and a sense of well-being. 

The sky is the limit – how far will you soar?