Spring Cleaning: It’s a Family Affair

Are you hearing the birds chirping? Is the snow melted – even those huge driveway piles from the snow plow? Time to open the windows and clean the house from top to bottom. Well, at least that is what our Grandmothers used to do. Do you still Spring Clean in your home? Or do you view it as just one more task to put on the bottomless list of things to do?

Here’s a thought – why not make it a family adventure?

The family that cleans together – gets it done that much faster!

The family that cleans together….gets it done that much faster. It doesn’t matter the age of your children – everyone can pitch in. If you are competitive, like me, you can even think about making it a game (creating teams) with prizes.  Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Pick a day that fits with the family schedule – no one is exempt.
  • Create a checklist of the rooms and tasks and make assignments – give your family members a chance to pick their chores and then the rest are divided up.
  • Make a pack – no cell phones – not even a quick peek at the text message from your daughter’s best friend with news of the boy who just might like her!
  • Decide together what the reward will be – dinner and movie out? A new Wii game that the whole family can play? Pizza and a DVD? 

On the day of the event – put on some fun, upbeat music that will kick spirits into overdrive. Break tasks down into 15-30 minute increments and agree to take the occasional coffee/juice break to brag about your progress. 

Here are a few resources to check out when planning your day of Family Spring Cleaning:

Martha Stewart offers a  Spring Cleaning Guide with a few extra how tos.

The Daytimer blog offers some great tips for spring cleaning – they even talk about spring cleaning your finances (are your taxes done yet?)

Right at Home offers some amazing checklists by room – great stuff!

Do you have any family secrets for making spring cleaning a team effort? Share here or on our Facebook page.

By the way – wonder how spring cleaning began? This article from TLC Home talks about the Jewish tradition and the Chinese tradition that may have led to spring cleaning.