Should You or Should You Not?

Many women I have met recently are so weighed down by the “shoulds” of their lives; I should volunteer here, I should take on this extra work project, I should help our neighbor with their garden, I should…..

What happens to our lives when we guilt ourselves into too many tasks because we think we should? We are often over committed, stressed, and feel less joyful about our lives. Last week, I was speaking to a group of very successful corporate professionals, business women with lots on their plates and they asked “how do I handle all the should dos”. I offered a few suggestions to help them refocus their energy and their efforts from my recent publication.

I also suggested that before you say yes to taking on one more task because you think you should, you check out my e-workbook Before You Say Yes to consider how the project, committee, fundraiser, task is aligned with your goals, your time and your passions.

I assure you it will help you too as it has me and many other successful women.