Seek Wisdom In Others

Have you ever been ripping along through your busy life, doing the normal tasks the same way you have always done them? You’ve embraced modern technology to assist you, you have taken time management classes, you juggle more balls than the world champions Double Trouble.

When it comes time to do something new, do you continue on the same path of trying to figure it out yourself and adding one more thing to your list? Or worse yet: trying, failing and giving up.

I wonder – have you ever considered seeking advice from others to see if there is a different way you can approach your day, your tasks, your life, than the way you always have.

Just because it is the way we have always done things, doesn’t mean it is the only way or the best way.

If you can put into words what you want or need and then share those thoughts with others you may find that unexpected doors open to you. The person you talk to may not know the answer but they may know someone who does.

So rather than trying to paint your house yourself, or write your resume alone or start a business with nothing more than “how to” books and a lot of sleepless nights – seek wisdom, guidance, assistance and support from others.

A friend of mine who just started a business, was recently at a neighborhood cocktail party. The group was a little on the older side and she was enjoying herself but not really looking to network for her business.  One retired gentleman asked if she worked outside the home (Ha! she thought to herself. She’d been the bread winner for her family for more than two decades.)

Yes, she politely replied.

What do you do? he asked.

I just started a marketing business, she answered. She just gave the bare minimum response to be polite, never thinking that this 70 something man would be interested.

“Say, my son is the president of a firm that uses marketing companies to help his customers. Do you think that is something you could do?”

You just never know who can help.  Learn to articulate what you need to those around you – seek their assistance. You’ll be amazed by the results.