Seek Out Networking Opportunites

At the Grace Hooper Conference (#GHC2014) I sought opportunities to make connections. I knew going in that the event would be packed with amazing women and I wanted to meet and learn from as many as I could.

One of my most unique connections occurred in the Ladies Room at the sink…more on that later. Today I want to talk about the women that I met from AWeber.

I was introduced to AWeber by a colleague and for the last year, I have been using AWeber to send out the Purposeful Woman newsletter among many other great initiatives.

I chose AWeber because of its ability to create and manage a variety of contact lists.  It has been an effective tool. So when the invitation to join AWeber for dinner came about, I jumped on it.

As you can see from the photo, I had the opportunity to share dinner and a lovely evening with several of the leading AWeber women. Within the course of the evening I enjoyed a lively conversation that was informative and fun. I plan to continue our conversation as professional women and a customer as my business grows.  

Bottom line: be open to meeting new people when you attend a luncheon, conference or workshop. So often we stay near the people we already know rather than put ourselves out there and brave the introductions, small talk and potential uncomfortable conversation. But if we take that step, reach out a hand, offer a smile and an open ended greeting; the possibilities of who we might meet are endless. 

Thank you for a wonderful evening filled with great conversation, food and stories!