Questions for a Purposeful Woman

Question mark made of puzzle pieces
I’m going to start by throwing the ball at you.  Following is a list of questions that I’ve used in interviewing career women across the country for the development of the book The Purposeful Woman.

Each question could be a discussion topic that would last far longer than a cup of coffee would stay warm. Really, how often do we take the time to examine our lives, how we got where we are and where we want to go from here.

Frankly, we are just too busy to breathe, let alone analyze our lives. However, I respectfully suggest that if we don’t take a moment – stop the merry-go-round for just a second to assess where we are and if it is where we hoped to be…then what is to stop us from continuing in the same vicious circle?

Look down the list.  Take one question and think about your answer.  Call a friend and ask for her answer.  Let’s get this conversation started.

How do you purpose becoming a “purposeful woman” in your life?

Each person will have a different answer – that’s what makes this conversation interesting.

Where will you start?

Questions for a Purposeful Woman

What do you think is expected of women today? 

Is it the same as it was 30 years ago?

Do you think the majority of women are happy? (why or why not)


Discuss the Plan:

Did you feel that these underlying demands exist in your life?

Did you make choices because certain things were expected of you?

Where did all this leave you unsatisfied?

What choices (that others can learn from) have you made in your personal or professional life that has impacted your journey?

What challenges have you grown from that you would suggest other embark upon?

What risks have you taken that you suggest others consider?

What is a choice you have made that you would like to “do-over”?

How have you embraced the life’s curve balls?

Do you feel you are connected to the universe? Why or Why not? (If yes, What do you think spiritualism has to do with the broader goals of this life?)

Do you perceive that life has a purpose?

How do you focus, center yourself?  Has the evolved over the years?

How have you changed over the last ten or twenty years? How have your changes affected others?

How do you elevate and nurture yourself?

Photo courtesy of Horia Varlan