Cathy Posner offers resume tips

Put Your Best Foot Forward with the Right Resume

We talk a lot about finding your best path to creating a life that is purposeful and meaningful for you. As part of that process you may discover a need to make a career change. And what does that mean?

A New Resume

The fact is, whether you are currently looking for a new opportunity or not, it is always a good idea to keep your resume updated. Business leaders and recruiters are often seeking “passive” candidates for new opportunities. You may not be looking but what if the perfect job falls in your lap? What if you sign onto LinkedIn tomorrow and see a job description that was just made for you listed on your home page under “Jobs You May Be Interested In?”

You don’t have time to whip up a professional resume that truly encapsulates all that you are and all that you bring to a position unless you have been updating your resume along the way.

That’s why taking the time to watch and listen to the advice Cathy Posner, President of the Transition Consulting and Coaching offers is a great use of your time.

Cathy was gracious enough to provide a series of Resume Videos that offer valuable, specific tips for updating your resume and getting ready for that interview. She answer questions like:

  • What should be included in my header?
  • How do I craft an Objective Statement?
  • Do references go on my resume?
  • What are the education requirements and how should they be listed?

Check out the video playlist for Resume Strategies to Secure The Interview.