Purposeful Woman Belle Pirri Enjoys Her Present

I recently had the opportunity to meet, virtually, Belle Pirri. She is the writer and publisher of Creative Spiritual  Women and has just published a book called The Complete Guide to Mindful Habits: 9 Steps to Permanent Change. Belle’s energy and spirit is so positive and joyful, I knew you’d want to learn more about her.

In her new book “Mindful Habits” she talks about all of the things we do that we classify as habits that keep us from the life we wish we had.  She defines those habits as stories that we choose to tell ourselves. She offers concrete ways to change those stories. One of the key steps to permanent change?  Live in the present. Enjoy this moment right now. Don’t feel guilty about yesterday’s moments and don’t fret over tomorrow’s. Just enjoy the moment, the feeling, the people, the experiences of this moment right now.

I asked Belle a few questions about how she has come to live such a peace-filled, joyful life and what advice she has for us.  She had this to say:

 I am thrilled to be featured on Purposeful Woman. What a dynamic site with a great message.

What prompted you to write the book?:

As I practiced mindfulness, I noticed so many of my stories of “bad habits” were falling away, and the things I wanted to create in my life (my “good habits”) were happening almost effortlessly. I realized that mindfulness is not only the key to happiness, but it brings our goals and dreams into today, this moment, where we can begin to live our most amazing lives without waiting. I couldn’t wait to share what I’d learned so others could begin to live the lives they’d always dreamed.

What is the biggest challenge facing purposeful women in 2012?

Purposeful women- women with drive, intention, and motivation, are already ahead of the game! I believe the only challenges any woman has are the ones she allows to get in her way.

What is one piece of advice that you have for women who desire a change in their lives?

I advise any woman who wants change to:

1. Know that by simply wanting it, it’s possible for you.
2. Train your thoughts to not dwell on any reason why it won’t work. When doubts or “what ifs” come up, gently guide your thoughts back to why it will work, why you love it and want it in your life, and the ways you’re already making that change happen. The longer we spend dwelling in doubts, the more powerful that story becomes, and we lose our power to change.

 I invite you to check out Belle’s book The Complete Guide to Mindful Habits: 9 Steps to Permanent Change. In the meantime, I will leave you with advice from Belle about how to set yourself up for success with your new thought process of living in the present:

How to Set Yourself Up to Make Choices You Love:

  • Imagine your favorite, best day
  • Put things around you that help you have that day (if you love walking, make sure your walking shoes are by the door. Keep your schedule clear during the hour you’d like to walk, etc.)
  • Don’t spend your energy thinking about the past or the future – they’re completely irrelevant and make the present feel “heavy.”
  • Feel yourself enjoying the decision now. The more you enjoy a decision in this moment, the more likely you are to enjoy it the next time you do it! Joy really is the “secret” to creating new habits.
  • LOVE what you’re doing!