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  • The Inside Scope for Women in Tech & Other High Demanding Careers,
  • 10 Strategies To Flourish & Excel in Male Dominated Cultures
  • Retention Strategies for High Impact Women
  • Building An Impactful team of Mentors and Sponsors
  • How to Position Yourself for Future Promotions
  • How to Get Ahead of Bias, Obstacles and Egos
  • Thought Diversity with Gender Differences

 Recent Tech & STEM Keynotes

“JJ, thank you for your powerful and inspirational presentation at STEM Talent Strategies Conference!” – Christie Samson    CLICK HERE FOR MORE TESTIMONIALS

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JJ DiGeronimo, President of Tech Savvy Women is a Technology Executive, Author and STEM Advocate.

JJ DiGeronimo began her career designing datacenter infrastructures for Fortune 500 companies after graduating with a computer information systems degree in 1995. As the president of Tech Savvy Women, JJ has been featured in many publications and TV shows including Forbes, Fox Business, ITWorld, Career-Intelligence and The Glass Hammer.

As a featured columnist for Smart Business Magazine, JJ share technology, leadership and retention advice with executives that often call her to consult on diversity & inclusion strategies to retain and advance women in Technology and related positions.