The Power of No: Creating Room for Relevance & Impact

Audience:  Professional Women looking to create more relevance, impact and influence through their choices

Yes, Yes, Yes,  and Yes!   How many “yesses” do you think you say in a day, a week, a month, a year? Many, I’m sure, if you’re like most women.  Likely, you recently have been asked to lend a hand, lead a project or kick off an initiative. Many of us often find ourselves spread too thin across too many activities that leave us exhausted and feeling guilty since we can’t be everywhere and do everything expected of us. Abstracts from JJ’s Chapter: The Confident Woman, “The Power of No”

Professionals who attend this session will walk away with: YWCA1a

    • Proven formulas to create meaningful schedules
    • Actionable strategies to effectively align commitments and choices to your best self
    • Valuable guidelines on when and how to involve mentors and sponsors

Power of No Handout, JJDiGeronimo (handout)

Powerful Testimonial for “Power of No” from Emily along with many other testimonials!