How to Effectively Maneuver the Professional Landscape

Unlock-Opportunity-2907450Paving A Path:  Many professional women are excelling in their current role yet overloaded by the demands and unsure how to maneuver the org chart to create new career opportunities.  In this keynote for women, JJ DiGeronimo will share key strategies to professionally advance which will highlight lessons learned from her career journey along with hundreds of women she has interviewed to date.

Attendees will learn easy, yet actionable steps throughout this presentation that will motivate them to further define the next level of success while outlining specific actions to advance their individualized plan.

Abstracts from JJ’s Book: The Working Woman’s GPS, When the Plan to Have It All Has Led You Astray


Professionals who attend this keynote will walk away with:

  • Proven leadership techniques to be more impactful
  • Personalized inventories for immediate action
  • Strategies to create more influence within the professional landscape
  • Avenues to advocate for future opportunities

JJ DiGeronimo is one of the most highly regarded speakers for working women topics such as Women in Leadership, Diversity in the Workplace and Women in Technology.  JJ is invited to Keynote at many leadership events for women and has pages of testimonials!