Creating New Business Opportunities by Enhancing Your Professional Brand

Audience: Professionals who want to enhance their professional brand to create relevance and new opportunities

Brand is a Career Game Changer: This session will help professionals understand how to change their game, by taking advantage of the professional advancement opportunities available at work,  in their communities and by effectively leveraging social media platforms as a source for networking, knowledge and branding.  Attendees will learn easy, actionable strategies to effectively leverage social situations and social media to enhance their professional brands. JJ will also share effective strategies for maximizing a professional brand, such as publishing a book, starting a business and initiating an industry group.

Abstracts from JJ’s Videos: Personal Branding for Professional Advancement

Professionals who attend this session will walk away with: IMG00504-20111018-0933

  • Tangible ways to enhance their credibility while increasing influence and opportunities
  • Strategies for evolving networks and initiatives to advance professional goals
  • Methodologies to easily implement at any level