Give the Gift of Conversation™



Original Edition

Sample questions:

  • “superpower you’d like to have”
  • “best trait of person on your left”
  • “favorite summer memory”

Perfect for: Dinner Parties, Family Gatherings, Car Trips, Business Meetings, Retreats, Weddings, and Classroom Activities.



Faith-Based Edition

Sample questions:


  • “one word to describe God”
  • “what is faith”
  • “importance of forgiveness”

Perfect for: Youth Groups, Family and Friends, Bible Studies, Small Groups, Camps, Retreats and Fellowship Events



Slumber Party Edition

Sample questions:


  • “trophy you’d like to win”
  • “all-time favorite teacher”
  • “your three wishes”

Perfect   for: Slumber Parties, Birthday Presents, Summer Camp, BFFs (best   friends forever), Team Building, and Girl Scouts