Elevate with Attitude

When I find an article that interests me, I save it and recently I rediscovered an article entitled 30-Day Sales Plan Checklist. For the entrepreneurial women in the Purposeful Woman community, you may find this of interest.

The reason that I bring it back out of the moth balls is because of the first action on the checklist:

Assess Your Sphere of Influence:  Every 30 days, create a list of the people you spend the most time with. Place a plus sign next to those who uplift you. Place a zero next to those who’ve had neither a positive or negative impact. Place a minus next to those who affect you negatively. Develop you relationships according to this list.

In my Personal Inventory workbook, I make the same suggestion. We can’t talk enough about the value and importance of surrounding ourselves with positive people.

Sometimes negative people are a necessary evil, like a sister-in-law, boss or next door neighbor; these are people we are forced to interact with, however, we can make a purposeful effort to ensure the others we work with are positive.

Surrounding yourself with positive people not only reduces your daily stress, but also increases your creativity and personal self assessment.

Imagine if the people you surround yourself with make you feel the same way – like you can do ANYTHING!

Check out the rest of the 30-day Sales Plan Checklist. There are some great tasks like “brainstorm your goals for 30 minutes each week and list 20 new ideas.” What a great way to keep the creative juices flowing!

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