Pep Talk for Purposeful Women

Today at lunch I was looking over the book shelf that contains more great books then I’ll ever have time to finish and I came across the book Mustang Sallies: Success Secrets of Women Who Refuse to Run with the Herd, by Fawn Germer. It was written about eight years ago, but the book still resonates with me.

Fawn defines a Mustang Sally as “a woman who questions the rules, challenges the status quo and refuses to quit.” I like that. Especially the “refusing to quit” part.

Throughout the book she addresses situations like management in a man’s world, choosing your battles, the power and pitfalls of verbal combat in the workplace and learning how to get what you want. 

Are you a Mustang Sally?

Intermixed with her own thoughts are the stories and interviews of 40 well known “Mustang Sallies” like Arianna Huffington, Susan Sarandon and Hillary Clinton.

What struck a chord with me was the pep talk she offers in the beginning of the book that says:

Almost all of the bold, successful women…found ways to overcome their fears and insecurities, and crossed the bridge from being reviled to being revered. They’ll tell you that authenticity is not only a challenge, but a reward. You may have been born a mustang, or perhaps the mustang spirit is just starting to stir. Let it live. Every woman can be a mustang. Mustangs aren’t just high profile women in high places. We are everywhere, in every possible socio-economic class, education level, and rank on the ladder. You may be in organized labor or in the corporate world, in politics or in the arts. I don’t care if you work in a law firm or a grocery store, a Fortune 500 company or a Burger King. The mustang spirit lives. Any woman can be a mustang, as long as she dares to be real.

Life is so sweet when you take your power and use it for yourself. If you feel stuck, unstick yourself. Don’t listen to your tormentors, and don’t torment yourself. You have the right to feel good about who you are, love what you do, and do it well. When you think you are trapped in a bad relationship, you aren’t. When you feel sure no one else will want you, they will. If the job is dragging you way down, move on. If you are scared you can’t get a job elsewhere, you can.

Everytime you find yourself in a moment of self-definition, no matter how dark it is, you have the power to turn it into light. Be bold.


Perfect! And now, a musical moment from Wilson Pickett with the orginal Mustang Sally: