Organizational Success: You and How Many Others?


If you were asked what is the one thing most important in your life. Would you say money or love or chocolate? I bet not.

Often purposeful women are asked how they are able to juggle a full time career in a challenging field, volunteer in their community, serve on organizational boards, manage the home, keep their children fed, clothed and stocked with the latest poster board supplies for a school project oh, and keep their significant other reasonable happy.

Most will reply ORGANIZATION. If I wasn’t organized, I’d never get anything done. Part of that organization also demands that we have people surrounding us to help (spouse, friends, someone to clean for us, Administrative Assistants or office managers, the latest technology). In fact, asking for help is a key to being as successful as we are. We know that to be successful we have to surround ourselves with other successful individuals who exceed in areas we don’t.

So let’s open the flood gates – how do you stay organized? Is it with a team of people? Is it by giving everyone in your life something they manage? Is it with the latest gadget, mobile application? Share your thoughts.

Women’s Day Magazine published an article almost three years ago that lists 100 ways to organize your life that is still valuable today.

How do you stay on top of your life’s tasks?  Do you have trouble staying organized because you struggle with asking for help? The New York Times published an article that might help called Why is Aking for Help so Difficult?