Melissa McCarthy Struggles with Career Crisis

Are you familiar with the actress, Melissa McCarthy? She was a hit in movies like Bridesmaids, Identify Thief and Heat. She also stars in the sitcom Mike and Molly.

This season, her character, Molly, is experiencing a bit of a career crisis. After ten years as a school teacher, she faced her nine year old students, pictured twenty more years in front of a classroom and felt a sense of panic. 

This wasn’t her dream. And she couldn’t imagine standing in the class teaching children for even one more day so she escaped through the window, into a rain storm.

Now this is a television show meant to make us laugh, but it really speaks to an awakening many women are experiencing; a realization that the life and/or career you are currently living is not anything like the one you hoped to create.

That is the reason that I started Purposeful Woman. When I look back at the very first article published here, we described the idea behind Purposeful Woman:

We only have one life, so why not create the life that means the most and why not start NOW which prompted – “one life, one goal, one you.”

Give yourself permission to create a life that fulfills your soul and positively impacts the people around you. This happens only if you decide to do it and it only happens one-step at a time. Let’s make a choice and work together to make a more purposeful life this time around based on what YOU have to offer the world!

 If you have been following our articles for the past three years, you know that it is a journey, a process, but one that is possible and one that you deserve.

You don’t want to be like Melissa McCarthy’s character; hitting a solid brick wall and ending up crawling out your office window to escape the life you have created. You can do something about it before you hit that point.

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You know what “they” say:  Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life.

Will you do anything differently?